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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring in Frederick, MD

Hardwood Flooring | Frederick, MD

Upgrade the appeal and value of your home when you choose from our stunning collection of hardwood flooring. These floors elevate the sophistication of your home and increase your property’s value. Upgrade your living space with a hardwood floors installation from our fully qualified installers. Our company offers the best value on new engineered, solid, and handscraped flooring for homes of every size and layout. We also offer competitive prices and convenient installation services for all of our products.

There is a reason why so much value is placed on quality hardwood flooring. It has the ability to complement the furniture in any given room as well as the rugs, curtains, and other decorations. With new hardwood floors, even rooms with sparse furnishing look classy and inviting. Choose us for hardwood flooring because we emphasize quality first while maintaining very competitive prices. You also get the benefit of lifetime warranties that allow you to keep your floors in excellent condition for as long as you need.

Hardwood floors offer both short-term and long-term benefits to your home or office. You immediately get the satisfaction of seeing the beauty and warmth they provide your home on a daily basis. If you ever consider selling your home, the wood floors add a lot of value, giving you the ability to maximize your asking price.


Stylish Solid and Engineered Hardwood Floors

There are two kinds of wood to consider: solid and engineered hardwood flooring. Homeowners who value a permanent fixture with unrivaled aesthetics should opt for solid hardwood in their homes. This flooring may be refinished with a completely new stain to restore its original luster and is universally revered for its elegance. Solid hardwood is cut into single, whole planks that need to be nailed to the subfloor. While solid wood is strong and heavy, it is susceptible to moisture and extreme temperature changes.

Engineered hardwood floors include a layer of natural wood in addition to resin, which creates its extremely strong and durable construction. Opt for engineered wood if you live in a climate with high humidity or extreme moisture, or have a busy household with heavy foot traffic. This wood does not warp and is known for its moisture resistance.

Engineered wood is lighter and offers more flexibility. We can glue or staple this type of flooring down and it is resistant to shrinking and expanding due to moisture and temperature change. If you are unsure what type of wood you should get, our team is always standing by to lend its expertise.


Beautiful Handscraped Hardwood

Do you want flooring with a rustic look that goes well with a variety of interior designs?  Handscraped hardwood gives your flooring a one-of-kind look because the manufacturing process ensures that your hardwood floors have a truly unique surface appearance. You choose the color of the finish as well as the grain pattern, and then we scuff the surface using a specialized technique that gives it that all-natural texture. Tell us about the details you desire for your handscraped hardwood flooring and we will provide you with a product that suits your aesthetic preferences.


An Impressive Selection of Hardwood Floors

Come browse through our impressive collection of hardwoods to see which type is right for your home. With many different species of prednisone wood available in all manner of finishes and patterns, the style combinations are endless. We also have experience working with alongside interior designers that customers have hired to ensure the new wood floor matches their homes' current decorations.

Our goal is to help you find wood floors that complement your home and best fit your needs in looks, performance, and price. Our stunning hardwood collections include a number of finishes, stains, glosses, and species, featuring:

  • Exotic
  • Maple
  • Hickory
  • Oak

Top quality hardwood flooring in is also available in a variety of edge and end types for the ultimate custom look. You can choose to get hardwood floors that is beveled, kissed, squared, and eased. Whatever your style, from modern to classic to traditional, we have the hardwood floor of your interior design dreams!


Quality Where It Counts

Our mission is to outfit you with quality flooring, including Mannington® and Armstrong® hardwood products. In addition, you benefit from our Five-Star rating system because you can choose quality flooring that matches nizagara your lifestyle. Our highest rated hardwoods boast lifetime wear, finish, manufacturing, and structural integrity warranties for your ultimate peace of mind.


Professional Hardwood Flooring Installation

Rely on our flooring store to take care of all your flooring needs. Opt for our renowned hardwood flooring installation to protect your investment with superior results that guarantee the longevity of your new wood floors. Our installers have years of experience installing wood floors and are highly knowledgeable in the flooring field.



Call us today at 240-772-1899 or fill out our Contact form to schedule an appointment at our showroom! Peruse our wood flooring types in Frederick in a number of name brands for quality floors within your budget. We also proudly serve clients in Middletown, New Market, and Ijamsville, Maryland.

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